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  • Owner: Annia

    Price: 35.00 USD daily by room.

    Apartment’s Rent with lovely sea’s and malecon’s view, in Vedado, Havana. Comfortable air conditioned rooms, bathroom…


  • Owner: Clara

    Price: 35.00 USD daily by room.

    Apartment’s Rent in Havana, Cuba. Accommodation in Vedado with lovely sea’s view, two comfortable air conditioned rooms, bathroom…


  • Owner: Estrella

    Price: 25.00 USD daily per room.

    Accommodation in apartment in Havana, Cuba. Room’s rent at economic fees in Vedado. Independent apartment with one comfortable room.

José Wilson

  • Owner: José Wilson

    Price: 35.00 USD daily Price per room.

    Apartment’s rent in Havana, Cuba. Cheap rent in the middle of Vedado with excellent sea’s and malecon’s view. Comfortable air conditioned room.


  • Owner: Libian

    Price: 35.00 USD daily Price per room.

    Rent in Havana of economic private house. Accommodation in Vedado in a place with two air conditioned rooms, wide garden and porch…


  • Owner: Mayra

    Price: 30.00 USD daily price per room.

    Accommodation in two apartments in Vedado, Havana, Cuba. Both departments have independent entrance, wide terrace, two comfortable rooms…


  • Owner: Osvaldo

    Price: 30.00 USD top rooms and apartment with independent entrance. 25.00 USD room with independent entrance.

    Apartment’s rent with independent entrance in Miramar, Playa. Rooms rent in Havana, Cuba, one of them with independent entry…


  • Owner: Yusimy

    Price: 25.00 USD daily Price per room.

    Rental of three economic and air conditioned comfortable rooms, in a house located in Old Havana, Cuba. Located in the historic area of the city, very closed to…



Rent in a private house in Miramar, Playa. Accommodation in Cuba, four rooms, big terrace…



Excellent house with pool, five rooms to rent in Guanabo to spend your holidays in family…



Holiday apartment in Cuba. Accommodation in Havana, Vedado with two bedrooms ...