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  • Owner: Clara

    Price: 35.00 CUC daily by room.

    Apartment’s Rent in Havana, Cuba. Accommodation in Vedado with lovely sea’s view, two comfortable air conditioned rooms, bathroom…


  • Owner: Estrella

    Price: 25.00 CUC daily per room.

    Accommodation in apartment in Havana, Cuba. Room’s rent at economic fees in Vedado. Independent apartment with one comfortable room.

Mayor House

  • Owner: Mayor House

    Price: 30.00 CUC daily per room.

    Accommodation in an independent house in Cienfuegos, Cuba. Three air conditioned and bathrooms included rooms.

Tony Castillo

  • Owner: Tony Castillo

    Price: 30.00 CUC daily per room.

    Accommodation in house to rent in Cienfuegos, with two rooms, parking area and terrace.


  • Owner: Isis

    Price: 700.00 CUC daily per the whole house, 700.00 CUC. Presidential suite, 300.00 CUC. Three luxurious rooms, 400.00 CUC.

    Rent in Havana. House to spend your holidays with sea’s view and pool in Playa, Cuba.


  • Owner: Aide

    Price: 35.00 CUC daily per room.

    Private House to rent in Miramar, Playa. Four air conditioned rooms house, parking area…


  • Owner: Elsa

    Price: 35.00 CUC daily rate per room.

    Room rentals in Vedado for your trip to Cuba, two bedrooms with air conditioning ...


  • Owner: Dulce

    Price: 25.00 CUC daily .

    Economic rent in a house in Santiago de Cuba, one air conditioned room.

Carlos Florez

  • Owner: Carlos Florez

    Price: 35.00 Precio Diario por Habitación

    Hospedaje en casa de alquiler de arquitectura colonial en La Habana con tres habitaciones climatizadas y baños independientes, garaje, precioso jardín….

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Rent in a private house in Miramar, Playa. Accommodation in Cuba, four rooms, big terrace…



Excellent house with pool, five rooms to rent in Guanabo to spend your holidays in family…



Holiday apartment in Cuba. Accommodation in Havana, Vedado with two bedrooms ...