Apartment in Havana to stay for a long time. 3 bedrooms in Miramar, wide terrace.

Price: 1600.00 CUC Monthly rate.

Owner: Gudelia

Long staying rents

House to rent for a long time in Miramar, Playa, Cuba. Accommodation with three perfectly air conditioned and comfortable rooms, wide and air conditioned terrace for you to enjoy and relax, bathrooms with cold and hot water as well as the rest of the house. You can also enjoy of TV, media player devices, fridge, telephone, laundry and gastronomic services.

Reservation Form




To book accommodation must complete the form giving priority to information marked with the asterisk symbol (*). If you need more rooms available in a house, you can enter the required total in corresponding slopes off and put in the comments which can be several houses that are close, we will gladly handle your request.