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Contact us

If you want to contact the group of CasadeCuba to ask any question, suggestion or comment, please fill in this simple form. As quickly as possible will contact you, a member of our team.

If his desire was to make a reservation in a house or apartment rent, for vacation rental, you should refer to the booking form in the respective section.

Contact us


Application hosting by telephone service.

Our company has made available a free search service hosting telephone. Simply call the phone 53 52763982 and ask: the type of income required, the place of Cuba where you want and the number of rooms. Our staff will answer your request and you will get all the data owner: address, telephone and email if it has it, you can negotiate directly with it.

To telephone the team

  1. Enter the code out of the country where you are
  2. Enter the code from Cuba: 53
  3. Enter the code mobile phone service: 5
  4. Finally, call our telephone number: 3851720



Excellent house with pool, five rooms to rent in Guanabo to spend your holidays in family…


Casa Santa Teresa

Accommodation in an apartment in Varadero, Cuba, two rooms, one of them with kitchen…


Miriam Esquivel

House to rent in Playa. Rent in Cuba, accommodation with three air conditioned rooms, big gardens…