Maps of Cuba

Maps of Cuba

Cuba can be travelled from one point to the other (from San Antonio to Maisí) by highway and only assisted by a touristic map, because in every corner of our territory you will find a kind person, ready to assist and to talk with you, besides decided to show the generosity and hospitality so characteristic of our people. TheCubanHouses, provides you several maps from different touristic destinations, for your precise orientation, wishing the traveler a happy staying and success in his/her aim.   

How to travel to Cuba?

Tremendously has been the increase of travels to Cuba by thousands of tourists in recent years. This is mainly due to the economic offer provided by air companies selling the destination Cuba plus the Cuban government easy conditions for the development of small private business like houses for rent. These latter elements have eased the increasing tide of international tourism, which, once enchanted with the delights of our country and our people faithfully travel again, year after year. As information, we give in our website different airlines operating the destination Cuba.


One of the modalities most used by tourists is renting a house (casa particular). The prices of accommodation in houses are lower than the state hotels. On this website you can find accommodations at great prices.

Transportation in Cuba

To move within the city or to the provinces you can count on the assistance and recommendations of our houses for rent proprietors. They will indicate you the best options for you to choose: Taxis, omnibus, Rent a Car, planes, among others. 

The most used way by tourists visiting our island is the car rental. There are two variations for this type of rental service being the private drivers the most economic one.   The private car rental can be two or three times cheaper than the state offer. You may adjust the fare by negotiating with the driver and find very economic offers to request service 24 hours a day, including the driver.

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If you want to go diving in Cuba we recommend the web there you can see amazing deals for diving in Varadero, Playa Larga and Playa Giron. There you will have access to courses and packages including diving trip.



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