About reservations

Reservations in houses for rent in Cuba

Make your reservations several days before your arrival to Cuba. There are mainly two ways of making a reservations in a house for rent.

  1. Spoken reservation or reservation by word: made by communicating with the tour-agent and the proprietor, by e-mail or by phone. There is nothing more than the compromise between both sides. 
  2. The assured reservation: made by sending the money through a bank or by transference to a card in order to pay the first or second night. Lessees who render this service demand a guarantee in order to make the reservation. This payment of the first or second night is the most used procedure. TheCubanHouses, will communicate with you, if  the proprietor you choose, demands this reservation. 

There are several ways to send the money for the reservation in a house for rent. Our compàny will inform you on the banks and entities having contracts with Cuban Banks and entities. You may send your money to our banking account or to the proprietor´s, if he/she owns one. In this way you may get the best accommodation options with all sureness and tranquility.

Reservation online How to make the reservation?

  • To reserve an accommodation: you must send an e-mail asking for the availability if the residence in which you are interested on by using the contact form attached to each accommodation. Be sure to write well and clear all your data. These will only be used  with the aforementiond aim.      
  • You will receive your answer informing you if the accommodation is vacant when you asked for. In case of being vacant then you must confirm your reservation in a house forrent by sending another e-mail with the data you haven´t sent before, specially the details of your flight. TheCubanHouses will send you the exact address and the proprietor´s data. A week before starting your trip, both sides must confirm the reservation, just in case of any modification
  • Supposing that your reservation was already requested by someone else before, our enterprise will send you other offers, in the place and fare chosen by you.

Reservation in a house for rent.  Very important.

  • Please, we ask you to cancel those reservations which are not going to be used.
  • You must take into account that these private houses pay huge fixed taxes together with their monthly fees, either if they are occupied or not, and if the reservation will not be covered and the proprietor ignore this aspect he/she will suffer a heavy negative economic impact. We can also facilitate a tour in Cuba, with classic cars of high comfort.

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