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  • Owner: Abel

    Price: 400.00 CUC daily per 4 rooms and laundry service.

    Beautiful village with pool in Siboney, Playa municipality. Four air conditioned rooms with style furniture, big gardens, bathrooms…

David y Yula

  • Owner: David y Yula

    Price: 50.00 CUC daily by room.

    Accommodation in house in Miramar, Havana, Cuba. Three air conditioned rooms to rent in Playa municipality, all designed for your comfort.


  • Owner: Isabel

    Price: 40.00 CUC daily per room. The price is negotiable, according to the amount of people, the rooms to book and the term to rent.

    House to rent in Miramar, Playa. Rent in Havana, Cuba, three air conditioned rooms with safe box and exclusive bathroom with hot and cold water.


  • Owner: Magda

    Price: 100.00 CUC daily per room.

    Luxurious accommodation rent in Havana, Cuba. Excellent house to enjoy located in the residential neighborhood Siboney. Five air conditioned rooms…

Mercedes and Efren

  • Owner: Mercedes and Efren

    Price: 250.00 CUC daily per the whole house.

    Luxurious house to rent in Siboney, Playa municipality. Accommodation in Cuba with refreshing pool, two rooms, beautiful architecture…

Mirta Hernández

  • Owner: Mirta Hernández

    Price: 30.00 and 40.00 CUC matrimonial rooms per night, suite with Jacuzzi 50.00 CUC per night.

    Luxurious house to rent with Jacuzzi included in Vedado, Havana, Cuba. Four air conditioned rooms. Beautiful areas to rest with charming vegetation.

Pablo Balani

  • Owner: Pablo Balani

    Price: 100.00 CUC daily per room.

    Luxurious house to rent in Miramar, Havana, Cuba, with small pool and seven rooms in the residential area Miramar, Playa municipality…


  • Owner: Isis

    Price: 700.00 CUC the whole house per day. Suite 300.00 CUC. Three luxurious room 400.00 CUC.

    Luxurious house to rent in Havana. House to spend your holidays with sea’s view and pool in Havana, Cuba.



Rent in a private house in Miramar, Playa. Accommodation in Cuba, four rooms, big terrace…



Excellent house with pool, five rooms to rent in Guanabo to spend your holidays in family…



Holiday apartment in Cuba. Accommodation in Havana, Vedado with two bedrooms ...